Falling Asleep Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Read These Tips

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Adjustable bed frame
So you’ve finally invested in your queen bed and you’re still uncomfortable and not sleeping well. Although sometimes a bigger bed may help you be more comfortable, this is not always the case. Since sleep is a crucial to your behavior, performance, and health, it’s important to be aware of the factors that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. In a recent survey, 2/3 of Americans stated that they didn’t get sleep that revitalized them when they woke up in the morning. Being part of that 2/3 can affect your life expectancy, your mood, how you present yourself to others, and a greater amount of stress. The obvious steps to take are there: don’t drink caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea before bed, don’t eat a big meal before going to bed, etc. However, other times the bed you’re sleeping on may