What Are the Latest Updates Your Church Has Made to Its Building Spaces?

Written by Family Photos. Posted in Church pews used, Church steeple plans, Court furniture

You were surprised when you opened your social media window and saw a live feed from your church. Nothing was going on, but there was a live feed none the less. As you looked a little closer you discovered that the video image was a test of a new security system that had been put in place. You and your wife joked that first the pastors announced that the decades old church pews for sale would be offered on a first come first served basis, and now they are installing a live feed camera in the sanctuary. It looks like your congregation is entering the digital age.
All joking aside, there are more and more churches across the country that are making us of video technology to monitor spaces after a couple of fatal shooting events. As pastors and church council groups navigate their way through a time when they are offering both church pews for sale and additions of technologies to their spaces, there are also many opportunities to create more well designed spaces in an effort to create