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Who is Moving in America, And Why

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There are a lot of life events that can cause stress. One of the biggest stressing life events is moving. That’s unfortunate since a lot of us do a lot of moving in a lifetime! Here are all the amazing facts about who is moving in America, and how and why.

Who is Moving?

One of the biggest predictors of how likely a person is to move is, surprisingly, their education level. It turns out that people who graduate from college are more likely to live in multiple states, and 77% of graduates have made a significant move at least once. Only 56% of those without a college education have done so. Younger people are also more likely to move, with one-third of all people in their 20s moving in any given year. In all, every year there are 43 million Americans calling for commercial moving services or other moving assistance to locate somewhere new, and the average American will move 12 times in their life.

Why Do People Move?

There are three big reasons why people move. The