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How an Arne Jacobsen Lamp Can Literally Light Up Your Life

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Rustic decor
It’s been said that home is where the heart is, yet this popular saying begs a very practical question; can your heart really be found in the place you call home? In other words, are you actually fond of your living space? Now that’s food for thought!
If your home’s overall aesthetic doesn’t invite and excite you, you may find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Did you know that 14% of Americans feel gloomy and stressed because of their home furnishings? Ouch. If you’re among that 14%, you may find comfort in the fact there’s a lot you can to recreate a more lively interior. You know, one that actually makes you feel at home both literally and figuratively.
While the thought of interior decorating may seem intimidating ? especially if you feel as though you don’t have an “eye