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Three Tips for Cleaning and Organizing a Shed or Garage

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When it comes to cleaning and organizing, a couple of the most neglected spaces are sheds and garages. Having a garage or a shed is great for homeowners since they’re an extra space for storing things that you wouldn’t want in the home like large bulky items or dirty lawn care equipment; however, they can easily become filthy dump sites for unwanted, unused, or neglected items. Here are a few tips for getting your shed or garage back to it’s former glory and maximizing the use of that space.
1. Remove everything and clean The first thing that should be done when cleaning out and organizing garages and sheds is to take everything out of the space. D

Three of the Weirdest Things Ever Found in a Storage Unit

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Self storage units are great for all those items you don’t have room for in your attic, garage, or basement, but still can’t bear to part with. You can load your old cars, old bikes, old toys, holiday decorations, or whatever else in there, and use the leftover space for whatever it is you need now.
The thing about these self storage unit rentals though is that they’re exactly that. They’re rentals. If you don’t pay your rental fee, your self storage unit and all that’s inside is going to get auctioned off. So if you were keeping a vintage, collectible car in there, oh well