How to Become a Heating and Cooling Specialist in Three Simple Steps

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The heating and cooling repair (or HVAC) industry is one of the most thriving sectors in which you can work today. In fact, the current value of the HVAC industry is an incredible $71 billion!
If you have a talent at solving technical problems, a career at one of the country’s 85,000 heating and cooling companies might be perfect for you — so to get started, we’ve compiled this how-to guide so you can pursue an exciting career in this field.
Here are three simple steps you can take to begin your career in the heating and cooling services industry:
A well-rounded high school education
To become an employee at any heating and cooling company, you will need a high school diploma. To make the most of your high school education, take plenty of classes in math, physics and chemistry — and do well in them. If your school offers them, take advantage of classes that teach technical and mechanical skills as well. While it’s encouraged that hopeful technicians understand the mechanics of heating and cooling systems, it’s not necessarily required to get a job.
Undergo vocational training
Generally, an aspiring heating and cooling technician has two options for his or her training. The first is attending a vocational or technical school that would follow high school graduation. In a formal classroom setting, you will learn all about repairing HVAC systems — but these courses can take a long time to complete depending on your pace. The second option is apprenticing with a licensed HVAC technician and shadowing him or her on the job; this is a better choice for those who are more hands-on learners.
Obtain certification
After you’ve completed your training, it’s time to get certified. There are a few different types of certifications, but for the most opportunities it’s a good idea to pursue universal certification. With this certification, you’ll be able to prove that you thoroughly understand how to deal with and repair various HVAC issues. After that, you can start applying for jobs and begin your career.

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