Four Things You Didn’t Realize About the People Who Grow Your Food

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Every American who lives a healthy life with plenty of food to eat should thank the farmers and ranchers of America for our prosperity. American agriculture is among the most productive agricultural industries in the world, feeding both our bellies and those in foreign countries. According to the USDA, of the 654 billion pounds of food that our country eats every year, 87% comes straight from the crops and livestock produced on our own land. In fact, there are several reasons that farms and ranches really are the backbone of our country.

Here are several things you didn’t know about the ranch and farm industry in the United States:
  1. Agriculture is a family affair. The farming and ranching industry is more family-centric than any other industry in our country. At leas

3 Things to Look For When Purchasing Horse Property

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For those who enjoy a true taste of the outdoors and wild open spaces, investing in a horse ranch seems like the best idea one can make. But truth be told, buying a horse property for sale is no simple endeavor. Rather, the cost of watering systems, stalls, general animal care, acres of grass and pasture, and beyond often get overlooked in the dreamy romanticism of owning a horse property. Here are the many things to consider when seeking out horse ranches for sale:
Understanding Equine Real Estate For many, the question when it comes to horse