Why Everyone Should Donate Their Used Clothing To Charity

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American red cross donations
If you’re wondering what to do with your old clothes that are either too small or that you just don’t wear anymore for whatever reason, consider donating to a local red cross donation center. A red cross donation center will accept clothes in almost any condition, as clothes can be re-purposed and reused almost 100% of the time even if they aren’t in great shape. A red cross pick up is an easy and hassle free place to drop of your clothes to go to a red cross donation center, requiring very little time and effort. The clothes donations given to the American Red Cross go to families in need of relief. The Amer

Why People Don’t Donate 3 Common Reasons

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Donate clothing

Those of us who are blessed with families, jobs, food, clothing, and a roof over our heads don’t often spend a significant amount of time thinking about how we can help those less fortunate than us. Although 70% of the American population contributes to charitable organizations every year, the 30% who don’t could potentially make a substantial impact if they chose to donate. Many people don’t realize that charitable donations involve more than money. Clothing donations, food and blood drives, and volunteering can be just as beneficial to those in need. Usually, the reasons people don’t donate boil down to not being fully informed about the cause or the need. Here are three specific reasons why people don’t donate — and how you can help to change their minds.

  1. They don’t know there’s a n