How to use the In-Law Suite as your Own Craft Room

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The size of the American home has increased threefold since 1968, yet for all that space, studies show we’ll spend over 150 days of our lives looking for lost items. Try as we might to cull the home storage stores for the perfect organizer, but in reality, organizational methods can be inexpensive and draw on your own tastes and creativity. One of the best places to store art and craft supplies is an in-law suite, where your interior decoration will mostly be undisturbed and where husbands and kids are less likely to rummage through your things. Here are a few ways to convert your guest room into your own personal workroom.

Storage Cubes

Cubes and stacking boxes can be as different as we are, and you can visit your favorite home storage stores to get a feel for the ones that suit you best. You can find storage cubes that are unobtrusive and can slip under beds and in clos