Why the Red Cross Donation Center Matters

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Used clothing donations
Every single year in the United States nearly 70% of all the residents will give to charity in some form. Some of these donations can come in the form of money where someone puts forth the money they earn at work and give it to a good non-profit organization so that they can continue their work. However, some people will decide to give their time to go work at a soup kitchen where they can physically give to a charity that is important to them.
Right now just about 3% of all income in the United States is given to charities across the country every single year. But this is not the only way that people will donate to charities. As a matter of face, used clothing donations, Continue Reading No Comments

How to Donate Clothes to the Red Cross

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Red cross donations
In 2015, proceeds from donated items to thrift stores was over $2.5 million. These proceeds greatly helped support the work that charities, like the Red Cross, continue to do every day. Statistics show that 70% of people in the United States contribute to at least one charity each year. In another study, it was shown that 3% of total American income is given to charities, making donating used items a more popular choice. Here are three options to donate your goods to the Red Cross.

The first option to donate your goods would be by using a Red Cross drop off box. Red Cross has worked very hard to provide donation options all over the world. It is highly likely you live reasonably near a Red

Preparing For Winter By Donating Unused Winter Coats

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Clothing donation pickup
As the weather starts to get cold, many families make a trip to the local department store for new coats and sweatshirts. Depending on where in the country you live, you might add in some gloves, scarfs, and winter hats. The weather will soon get cold and you will begin layering on the clothes to keep warm. What if you did not have enough money to purchase a coat to keep warm? What if you could not provide your children with cold weather accessories? That is why it is so important to donate clothing you are no longer using.
Approximately 70% of people in the U.S. give to charity each year. However, a large percentage of these donations occur around the holidays. Families may donate unused clothing items or money, to provide a good holiday for children in need. Some may engage in coat or winter ac

Four Tips for Making the Most of Your Donations

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Red cross clothing pick up
Are you interested in making American Red Cross clothing donations? Are you scratching your head and thinking, “I didn’t know I could make American Red Cross clothing donations!” We aren’t surprised if you didn’t know American Red Cross clothing donations were a thing; most people associate Red Cross donations with donating blood. However, Red Cross also takes household items and clothing donations and re-purposes them to further the Red Cross cause.

If you are considering making American Red Cross clothing donations (or want to donate clothes or used goods to any great cause), you

Want to Help? Donate Clothes to Red Cross

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Red cross clothing pick up
Why should you donate clothes to Red Cross? The American Red Cross works to help people all over the world who are in crisis. Every day, the Red Cross provides blankets, food, clean water, blood, clothes, and shelter for people that have gone through natural disasters and other times of crisis. They help families, individuals, and children. They help families find housing and provide aid to the homeless.
The Red Cross is the 13th largest charity in the United States. In private donations, the Red Cross received over $687 million in 2014. Financial donations go to supporting the Red Cross operations as well as provide support to local chapters and outreach efforts. They help people that are homeles