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The Benefits of Replacing Church Furniture

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Court furniture
Did you know that Mississippi is considered to be the most religious U.S. state because 59% of its residents consider themselves to be “very religious?” Although few churches were built during the first three centuries of the Early Christian Church, there are now countless churches located across the country. However, church furniture eventually gets old, dilapidated, and feeble, so it must be replaced. Fortunately, many types of church furniture can be replaced, and there are several benefits of doing so. 1. What church furniture can be replaced? Nearly every item within a church can be substituted with newer or refinished versions of the same furniture. Church steeples, pews, kneelers, stained glass, and chairs, for examp

Shoji Screen Fit in With Any Home Look

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Shoji door hardware
When figuring out ways to make your home stand out, sometimes all you need to do is look to the past. In some cases, it is best to look at design elements of other countries. A Shoji screen, or a Japanese screen room divider, can fit well in any room. They are easy to maintain and change if you want to go another direction in your home design. Shoji screens were used in Japanese homes dating back to the 16th century. Traditionally, shoji screens and Chinese room dividers were built out of bamboo and rice paper. Sliding shoji screens were used in traditional Asian homes because space was at a premium. Shoji screens and doors can adapt to the