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Lysol Disinfectant Can Help the Spread of Germs

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As a business owner, you are keenly aware that it is necessary to have a clean work environment for your employees. Disinfecting your office workspace regularly will decrease the risk of occupational safety hazards. On reason to make sure your workspaces are sanitary is to reduce workplace absences. According to the National interview Health Survey, influenza is responsible for an estimated 75 million workday absences each year in the United States. Flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces such as desks, keyboards, computers, and other office furniture for 48 hours. Using an all purpose disinfectant, such as Lysol disinfectant, can reduce the levels of these viruses. According to the CDC, an estimated 80 percent of all infections are spread through hand contact with a surface. Again, using something

The Helpful Benefits of Senior Assisted Living Facilities

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Did you know that the average age to be admitted into a nursing home in the United States is 79? Senior assisted living communities are housing facilities that are designed exclusively for seniors, and they are intended to help seniors improve their quality of life. Since senior assisted living facilities help seniors in a variety of ways, there are several benefits of staying in elderly assisted living communities. 1. Medical Care. Senior nursing homes provide residents with around-the-clock medical care. In addition, these facilities also offer 24-hour access to doctors and nurses, as well. By providing these services, nursing care centers give seniors the care they need